Robert Forster, P.T.

Master Physical Therapist

CEO and Founder of Forster Physical Therapy® and

PHASE IV Scientific Health and Performance Center®

Partner to Addaday® Massage Products

Co-Founder Forster Training©



Robert has served the Santa Monica area for over 35 years.  He is the founder and CEO of both Forster Physical Therapy and the PHASE IV Scientific Health and Performance Center. Los Angeles Magazine featured Forster Physical Therapy as "The Best In LA, “ and Competitor Magazine ranked his center as the "Best Place to go for a Sport's Injury."

Robert began his sports medicine and physical therapy career in Santa Monica California in 1980 after graduating from the University of New York at Stony Brook.   Robert’s professional career spans 8 Olympic games as the exclusive Physical Therapist to TEAM USA Track and Field and TEAM USA Wrestling. Robert's clinics are the exclusive therapy offices for the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon©.  Under Robert's care athletes have earned 54 US Olympic Medals, NBA, Wimbledon, Grand Slam, and MMA World Champion titles. 

USA Olympians including Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Florence "Flo-Jo" Joyner, Alyson Felix, and their teammates credit Forster with peaking their fitness injury free.  Cyclists including Queen of Pain Rebecca Rusch, claim Forster taught her how to ride!

The evidence based science Forster uses to create thousands of PHASE IV training, weight management, and fitness programs is intricately woven into individualized training for clients of every age and ability. This science is also the subject of his two books:  The Complete Waterpower Workout Book, Random House 1993, a best seller in its genre, and his new release, Healthy Running Step by Step, 2014. Robert has published several articles in the Scientific Press and has written a regular column for Triathlete Magazine.  He has appeared in several episodes of the popular Fit to Hit series on the Tennis Channel, and he is a regular guest on NBC with Bruce Hensel, M.D., covering topics ranging from Olympic training to concussion rehabilitation.

Forster lectures throughout North America and Europe on the science of injury prevention and performance, in life and sport.  He is a regular speaker to SONY executives and the FBI, and continues to advance healthy exercise, nutrition, and training principles every week in his popular PHASE IV NEWSLETTER, circulated to over 25,000 subscribers.

In 2002 Forster founded PHASE IV Scientific Health and Performance Center© staffed by Exercise Physiologists and Physical Therapists who embrace a diverse population of clients spanning student athletes to grandparents, and elite athletes to those who suffer from metabolic syndrome and other systemic diseases.    With exact science, Forster’s clients manage their health and performance following individualized and guided exercise and nutrition programs. Forster said, " A fitness plan based on an individual’s unique metabolism and structural physiology is the best prescription for health.  Exercise is medicine for life, but it must be delivered in the proper dose.”  PHASE IV provides research for the Geffen School of Medicine, and the National Institute of Health.

Forster leads the industry in safe, injury free, effective, and sustainable prescription exercise, weight management, and performance training programs. Both Herbalife® and Addaday© promote Forster’s science-based training, weight management, and prescription exercise programs based on building and sustaining individualized structural health, joint stability, nutritional optimization, and metabolic development. In 2014 Robert became partners with ADDADAY™ to endorse and promote international attention to safe recovery and rehabilitation techniques, and in 2015 Forster began creating and distributing health and fitness products to Brookstone®.

Robert’s active philanthropic interests promote safety in sports as well. He sponsors the Velo Club, La Grange Bicycle Club, Los Angeles Triathlon Club, Santa Monica High School athletics, and local AYSO programs and their coaching staffs.  Forster founded the Santa Monica Kids Wrestling Program, and has recently teamed up with the local chapter of Wounded Warriors:  Ride to Recovery Group. Robert has served on both the California Governor’s Council of Physical Fitness Advisory Board, and the California State Wrestling Championship medical staff as well.

Fitness is a priority to Robert.  He is an avid cyclist and continues to train for endurance cycling events.  He has completed in six of the world’s most challenging races including La Ruta de Conquistadors in Costa Rica, the Trans Alp Challenge, the B.C. Bike Race and the Brian Head 100.

Robert Forster's career is devoted to the advancement of rehabilitative health and performance science.  When asked by students what inspires him he answered, “Science, the miraculous human body, and the advancement of safe and healthy fitness programs for everyone.”

427 Wilshire Blvd

Santa Monica, CA 90401