Periodization was first developed by the Eastern Bloc countries during the Cold War when they sought to dominate the sporting world through science, research, and physical domination. The Eastern Europeans put their collective resources into manufacturing the world’s best athletes. They performed extensive research to discover the most effective training regimes, and were able to control variables in ways the West could not match. 

Periodization training is effective because it exploits the body’s great potential for adaptation. Based on Seyles’ Fundamental Laws of Human Adaptation, Periodization training breaks the training program into cycles (or periods) where fitness is developed in a scientifically rational sequence.

It is now understood that exercise is a form of stress on the body stimulating an increased production of natural hormones to shore up the body, and meet the demands of the activities you choose to practice. However, the body is such a great tool of adaptation that after about six-to-eight-weeks of the same activity, the body becomes stronger and can handle the load without experiencing stress. The hormone back-up fades, and so will performance, if the exercise stimulus is not altered in such a way as to create stress on the body and hormone production peaked.

At PHASE IV Scientific Health and Performance Center™, we strictly follow the basic tenants of Periodization realizing all exercise is futile if rest and recovery periods are not provided. Hard work is always followed by time for recovery. Recovery is when your physiology evolves and where the benefits of your hard work is realized. No one ever became stronger during a workout, it is in the recovery period when we become fitter.

This approach solves the training puzzle of balancing hard work and smart recovery, allowing fitness adaptations and a “hardened” body able to sustain all the hard work and recovery, peaking your metabolic fitness.

EXERCISE IS MEDICINE®  EIM:  A Global Health Initiative

A CRITICAL CALL TO ACTION Exercise is Medicine® (EIM) is a global health initiative managed by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) that is focused on encouraging primary care physicians and other health care providers to include physical activity when designing treatment plans for patients and referring their patients to EIM Credentialed Exercise and Exercise Professionals. EIM is committed to the belief that physical activity is integral in the prevention and treatments of diseases and should be regularly assessed and “treated” as part of all healthcare.