The critical importance of recovery to your fitness cannot be overstated. It is difficult for some competitive athletes to grasp that all exercise, even the most intense speed and strength work, is futile if time for recovery is not observed. You may feel like you’re training hard, but unless you are actively recovering, you are not improving. It is during recovery that your fitness evolves. In fact, you may be over-training and fatiguing your body to the point where your fitness is stalled or regressing.  You must work hard at recovery periods!  Our Olympians and dozens of our professional athletes use the FTS Recovery Massage Wand to prevent adhesions that develop between the microscopic connective tissues components of the muscles.  These adhesions can immediately impair the fluid and chemical exchange within the muscles and ultimately impair the function of those muscles. Accordingly, when muscles are chronically overworked and remain tight it leads to limited range of motion that will negatively impact the joints as well.  Use the FTS Recovery Massage Wand daily to increase circulation, flexibility, agility, speed, and balance; and reduce cortisol and injuries that develop from tight and overtrained muscles. FTS Recovery Products are featured in Brookstone®.